Lehariya Design

Lehariya print, an adored Indian textile, brings ethnic grace to kurtis and sarees with its vivid and captivating designs, handed down for generations.

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Bandhej Design

Bandhej (or Bandhani) is a traditional Indian tie-dye art that reflects India's rich heritage. Passed down through generations, this labor-intensive craft showcases intricate knot-tying and dyeing techniques. The resulting patterns are enduring and captivating, capturing the skill and precision of the craftsmen.

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Potli Bags

Discover the timelessness and beauty of Potli print bags, a traditional accessory that adds charm and elegance to every occasion. Elevate your style at weddings, festivals, and special events with our exclusive festive collection.

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Our Story

Welcome to "Mahri Beendni" - a heaven of Rajasthani and Indian traditions, where the vibrant colors, rich fabrics, and exquisite craftsmanship come alive. Our boutique is a celebration of the art and culture of India and Indian festivals and weddings, curated with love and passion.

  • Seema Malhotra- Delhi

    "I had a great experience shopping for traditional Marwadi clothing from Mahri Beendni online. Their customer service was excellent, providing regular updates and resolving any issues promptly. Highly recommend!"

  • Vanita Thakur- Mumbai

    "I had the pleasure of shopping online from Mahri Beendni, and it was a fantastic experience. When I opened the package, I was blown away by the quality and attention to detail in each garment. I would definitely recommend Mahri Beendni to anyone looking for high-quality and unique traditional Marwadi clothing."

  • Aarti Gupta- Uttar Pradesh

    "Mahri Beendni’s delivery service is impeccable. The package arrived promptly and the clothing was stunning. I was amazed at the quality and attention to detail, making Mahri Beendni the go-to brand for traditional Marwadi clothing delivered right to your doorstep.

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